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Creativity in Structure

The Gestalt Principle

The way that people see the design strongly affects the meaning that they take away from them. The Gestalt Principle examines this phenomena; As such, it’s one of the fundamental principles that everyone should consider when moving through the web design process.

Gestalt is a German word meaning “essence or shape of an entity’s complete form”, and this single definition may be one of the most important rules of design.

More often than not, designers and clients tend to focus on the web design’s details rather than the overall look. They focus on curved edges, shadows, fonts…etc. All that is good but may not really make any difference if the visitor doesn’t like the design at first glance. You have seconds to convert a visitor to a customer.

The Gestalt Principle

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Scalable, Versatile, Affordable

Open Source CMS

What is CMS?

CMS is the platform most widely used by huge corporations, artists and small businesses to provide versatility, scalability and the ability for non-tech owners and staff to edit content, add content and change design elements.

Creating a Strategy

Most people have heard of WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc. and understand the benefits. However, which CMS is best now and in the future? Having spent the last 15 years working with all open source CMS, we’ll show you what you need…and why.

Attention to Detail

Now that we’ve determined the right CMS platform for you, we determine which plugins/extensions/modules and themes will enhance and customize your site to convey your unique brand to your visitors…and convert those visitors to customers.

Always Expandable


What do a blog, a business site, an e-commerce site, a subscription site, a social network, a job board, a business directory, a non-profit donation site, a portfolio site, a multi-lingual site, a video-on-demand site all have in common? CMS.

Versatile and Scalable

Site Security

CMS has several plugins and extensions that effortlessly handle SSL certificates, firewalls, site monitoring, site back-ups…keeping your content and your customer’s information secure. Online payment processors are already starting to require e-commerce sites to use a SSL certificate and Google ranks sites with an SSL certificate higher in search results.

Easy To Use

Design Elements

Non-tech friendly design elements like customizable pages, sliders, galleries, portfolios, typography, colors/background changes, mega menus, shadows/inset effects, icons, signage and customizable footers are one of the biggest reasons a CMS built site will last for years.

No Hassle

Automatic Updates

Many CMS platforms and their respective plugins, extensions and themes can be configured to automatically update when browser standards change, code vulnerabilities appear and new features are added. In an ever changing digital world, having your site automatically updated to the newest standards is one less thing to worry about.

Defining and Refining

User Experience

CMS has many benefits for site owners but most important of all is the User Experience plugins and extensions that help refine layout and site navigation as well as enhance site speed (which also ties into SEO as Google ranks in part on these elements. For some sites, support forums and live chat are a must have to keep customers happy and returning.

Site Insights

All About SEO

CMS is naturally search engine friendly but organic SEO (the ONLY type Google recognizes) is an ongoing process. To assist non-tech site owners in this all important endeavor are plugins and extensions that assist and prompt and owners can monitor site stats with integrated Google Analytics.

Countless Options

Ease of Administration

Even the most basic static site needs administering. Rather than pay developers to do routine maintenance, make updates or handle customer inquiries/sales, CMS offers the most robust and simple to understand administration panel with several levels of access and control.

Phone, Tablet or Desktop

Responsive & App Ready

A successful site needs to be viable on ANY device. It seems silly to discuss in 2017 but a site that is not accessible via mobile and tablet is a site few will visit twice. Plus, with CMS, you are well positioned to create an App for your site less expensively that is still controlled by an online administration panel.

We Speak HUMAN

About Us

With over 15 years in web design, web programming and web app development, we are a boutique agency in California’s Coachella Valley. We work closely with every client to ensure the right results within their budget with an eye to each site’s scalability. With clients all over the US, we maintain relationships with our clients for years. We do this by appreciating the unique needs of each client and, well, speaking human.

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